Twelve days and counting…

Yes, that’s what I make it until “It Would Be Wrong…” hits the shelves – or rather, hits Things are beginning to come together – the manuscript is being formatted (although every time I look at it in Word I find new errors and new things to hate – as a friend put it recently, I am feeling the urge to cringe so much I turn inside out, and then leave the country).

The cover design has been selected – and what a process that was, with endless vacillating from me. And I am slowly, rustily setting up this website and various bits and bobs of social media. And working full time. And doing a great deal of panicking. No sooner do I get one thing ticked off the do-do list, it seems dozens more sprout up to take its place – a bit like grey eyebrow hairs. And on that depressing note, I’m off to update my Facebook page…

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